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Cardiovascular Biology/ Research


Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center is a unique endeavor at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The center is administered through the Office of Research of the University and offers a multidisciplinary environment that is conducive to collaborative research. Our investigators come from Arts and Science, Engineering, Medicine and Veterinary Medicine as well as the center itself. We welcome collaborative programs with other colleges and schools as well. Our commitment to collaboration is grounded in the belief that truly synergistic outcomes result from free interaction among scientists of different disciplines and backgrounds. Beneath the broad umbrella of cardiovascular research, there are themes that provide rallying points for our collaborative efforts. One of our most successful programs is cardiovascular effects of exercise. Other areas where active collaborative programs are under way include hypertension, diabetes, heart failure, renal failure, cystic fibrosis, membrane research, and neural control of the circulation. While maintaining high personal scientific productivity, our investigators comprise a diverse but cohesive group of scientists who offer valuable mentorship and consultation to our various research partners. Whether your interest in the DCRC is as a potential investigator, as a student or fellow, or as an industrial collaborator, I assure you the environment is exciting and offers extraordinary scientific return. Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center has a rich history and a bright future. It is my personal commitment to support Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center to become a world leader in cardiovascular science

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Members Researching This Area

Bowles, Douglas Kent (Doug)
Davis, Mke
Dellsperger, Kevin C.
DeMarco, Vincent
Duan, Dongsheng
Glinskii, Olga V.
Hamilton, Marc Thomas
Hill, Michael
Holland, Lene
Huxley, Virginia H.
Hwang, Tzyh-Chang (TC)
Korthuis, Ronald
Martinez-Lemus, Luis
McDonald, Kerry S.
Meininger, Gerald
Polo-Parada, Luis
Rubin, Leona
Sowa, Grzegorz
Sowers, James
Turk, James Reid (Jim)
Wang, Jianjie



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