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Fredrick S. vom Saal, PhD

Professor, Biological Sciences


Biological Sciences
114 Lefevre Hall
Columbia, MO 65212


Research in Dr. vom Saal's laboratory concerns the effects on fetal development of endogenous sex hormones, naturally occurring estrogenic chemicals in food, (such as phytoestrogens in soy), and estrogenic manmade chemicals in consumer products (such as bisphenol A in plastic). They collect fetal mouse reproductive tissues and use primary cell culture and primary organ culture to investigate cellular mechanisms that mediate responses to hormones and other chemicals. They confirm these observations with in vivo experiments using mice, since the effects of estrogen on development of the reproductive system in mice and humans shows marked similarities. An important aspect of their research is that they use a physiologically based approach to determine the doses of chemicals that we examine. This approach has led to findings that fetal tissues are extremely sensitive to much lower doses of endogenous estradiol and manmade estrogenic chemicals than had previously been appreciated.


More information on Dr. vom Saal and his lab can be found here.

Research Areas of Interest

Aging & life span
Developmental biology
Hormone assay
Reproductive biology


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