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James Sowers , MD

Professor, Department of Internal Medicine, Director of MU Diabetes and Cardiovascular Center, Thomas W. and Joan f. Burns Missouri Chair in Diabetology, Professor of Medical Pharmocoloy and Physiology


Department of Medicine - Endocrinology
D109 Endocrinology
Columbia, MO 65212


Dr. Sowers is currently the director of the Cosmopolitan International Diabetes Center, whick is recognized nationally for excellence in patient care and multidisciplinary research programs. The center represents a strong alliance between the MU School of Medicine and the private sector. The center's medical team members work with referring physicians to provide the best treatment possible to patients and many have focused their expertise to treat the neurologic, ophthalmologic and cardiovascular complications of diabetes. Physicians in the center also see patients for other endocrine disorders such as high cholesterol, thyroid function and osteoporosis. The center provides an optimal environment for delivering comprehensive care along with excellent research.


More information on Dr. Sowers or the Diabetes Center can be found here.

Research Areas of Interest

Cardiovascular biology/ research
Cell biology
Microvascular physiology