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Michael A. Hill, PhD

Professor, Department of Medical Pharmacology and Physiology


Medical Pharmacology and Physiology
Rm 134 Dalton Cardiovascular Research Center
Columbia, MO 65211


Dr. Hill's laboratory has a principal interest in understanding the signalling mechanisms that underlie the vasoconstrictor response of an arteriole following an acute rise in intraluminal pressure (myogenic response). Our studies have examined the roles of a number of vascular smooth muscle signalling molecules including various kinases and intracellular Ca2+. More recently these studies have been extended to include approaches aimed at determining the relationships between pressure-induced changes in smooth muscle membrane potential and the resulting signalling events that ultimately lead to the contractile response.


In addition to basic studies on myogenic signalling they are also studying how myogenic tone interacts with other vasoregulatory mechanisms (principally, endothelial-dependent dilation) and how the myogenic response is altered in diabetes mellitus.


More information about Dr. Hill and his lab can be found here.

Research Areas of Interest

Cardiovascular biology/ research
Cell biology
Cellular signaling
Microvascular physiology


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