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Craig L. Franklin, DVM, PhD

Associate Professor, Veterinary Pathobiology

University of Missouri-Columbia
E111-1 Veterinary Medicine Building
Columbia, MO 65211


Dr. Franklin has two primary research foci: 1) Pathogenesis of chronic intestinal mucosal inflammation (i.e. Crohn’s disease, collagenous colitis, irritable bowel syndrome). This includes studies of the role of gonadal sex hormones in modulating mucosal inflammation using a rodent Helicobacter hepaticus infection model. 2) Characterization and study of mutant rodent animal models for human disease. The latter involves several collaborative projects including characterization of a novel kidney disease (glomerulopathy) of oim/oim mice, studies on the immunopathogenesis of multiple sclerosis using mouse models and the phenotypic characterization of genetically-engineered mutant mouse and rat models through the MU Mutant Mouse and Rat Resource Centers.


More information on Dr. Franklin and his Lab can be found here.

Research Areas of Interest

Quantitative RNA/DNA analysis
Real-time PCR


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