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Kevin C. Dellsperger , MD, PhD

Chairman, Professor of Medicine

Department of Internal Medicine
University of Missouri-Columbia
One Hospital Drive, MA408
Columbia, MO 65212


Dr. Dellsperger's laboratory evaluates mechanisms of vascular function in health and disease. Their studies currently evaluate both large conduit vascular function, as well as microvascular function in collaboration with many groups throughout campus. They are focusing on the pulmonary circuit and evaluating various models of pulmonary hypertension and the influence of systemic hypertension on the pulmonary vasculature. They study how vessels respond to both constrictor and dilator stimuli and their underlying mechanisms for control. Techniques that are used in the laboratory include in vitro conduit and microvascular reactivity measurements, in vivo physiological measurements, as well as biochemical and molecular measurements to elucidate signaling pathways in ex vivo tissue or isolated cells. Collaborators include Drs. Vince DeMarco, James Sowers, and M. Harold Laughlin.


More information about Dr. Dellsperger can be found here.

Research Areas of Interest

Biomedical Engineering
Cardiovascular biology/ research


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